Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Natural Medicine Talk

Hi everyone. I haven't posted in a while but wanted to share a great community I came across called Nat Med Talk. You can check out their health forum, it is a great place to find alternative/natural treatments. You will find many posts on mens and womens health. This is a friendly forum where everyone is allowed to express their opinions and ideas. Throughout their forums you will find information on allergies, cancer, chronic fatigue, heart health, diabetes and just about anything else you might be looking for information on. My favorite area of the site is the Nutrition forum. You will find a lot of great information on foods and supplements you can take to improve your health. Did you know that pumpkin seeds can halp with arthritis? Neither did I until I joined Nat Med Talk. If you are like me and looking for some natural alternatives to improve your health give this place a try. You will really enjoy it...and the best part is is is FREE!